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Cemetery Love

December 26th, 2013

December 25, 2013. Merry Christmas! Today we decided to drive to Beatrice, Nebraska where we visited Evergreen Cemetery and St. Joseph Cemetery. Each was an interesting cemetery, 2 angels greeted us at St. Joseph. This cemetery had unusual headstones and grave art. Tiny angels on 2 very old cemeteries. Evergreen Cemetery was large with some old and new, several mausoleums. It was snowy there and I got photos of an angel pointing up to a city and a baby in a clam just to name a few. I put them on Pinterest. We went to a small country cemetery on Highway 41 to Wilbur, but I didn't take any pictures or note the name. Maybe next time we go that way we'll get it. We drove past two country cemeteries where we didn't stop. That will have to wait for another day's cemetery road trip.
December 1, 2013 We stayed in Lincoln and visited Wyuka Cemetery which we've been to many times. Sometimes it is hard to remember what a phenomenal cemetery we have right at home. Wyuka is large, old, interesting and you could go there every week and find something new. That may be our winter destination. November 9, 2013 We stopped at St. Mary's Cemetery in David City, Nebraska. We also went to Laurel Cemetery in Laurel, Nebraska. Laurel Cemetery has a beautiful grieving angel for a young man who was murdered. It is a very interesting cemetery. October 12, 2013 We drove to Pleasant Dale, Nebraska to a country cemetery and found an angel statue. It was a very nice old cemetery near to our home. September 21, 2013 I love to travel to cemeteries and photograph them. Recently my husband, Tim, and I have traveled to St. Joseph, MO. and visited Mt. Mora Cemetery. It is an old, fairly unkempt cemetery and had storm-damaged trees on the ground. There are beautiful, large family mausoleums that are incredible.
September 22, 2013 We drove to Hiawatha, Kansas to visit the Davis Memorial. It is a impressive tribute by Mr. Davis to Mrs. Davis. Very interesting, although I was a little disappointed, it was boarded off and you couldn't get very good pictures.
September 14, 2013 St. Louis, Missouri. In town for my niece Becca's wedding. We went to Bellafontaine Cemetery. Oh My God! Now that's a cemetery!! Unbelievably beautiful, well kept, statues and markers and mausoleums that were mind-blowing. We only stayed a couple hours, that is a two day cemetery, for sure. One of the best, so far! Thanks to Tim for finding it!!